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Open Hybrid for Onion?

  • I'm interested in awakening Open Hybrid on our Onion's!

    See Video here: [http://openhybrid.org/reality-editor.html](link url)

    Project Home here: [http://openhybrid.org](link url)

    Basically this is a means to wiring up controls to indicators, and more, interactively between and within devices. I'm sure their home page says it much better!

    HELP?! The first issue i'm facing is that the node.js package has an older node.js version and no npm installer binary. How hard would it be to update the nodejs package with v0.12 or higher and add the npm installer as well? I"ll be glad to put time against this given sufficient direction/guidance.

    Once this is working I'll be glad to post full instructions with examples for various device controls for the Onion.


    Stephen M Moraco
    long time software engineer
    former Debian developer
    embedded systems developer

    Amateur Radio Callsign: KZ0Q

  • Hi @Stephen-Moraco, we are still working on compiling 0.12 version of node. More specifically, we have been able to compile it, but we get the following errors when we try to run them:

    This happens when we disable the FPU-emulation:

    root@Omega-0100:/tmp# ./node 
    Illegal instruction

    And this happens when we enable the FPU:

    root@Omega-0100:/tmp# ./node 
    SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input
        at Object.parse (native)
        at Function.startup.processConfig (node.js:265:27)
        at startup (node.js:33:13)
        at node.js:963:3

    We are continuing to try the build with node version 4. And we'll keep you up to date on the result.

  • Hi @Boken-Lin I'm pleased to see your note. I'll be watching eagerly... I'm standing by should you be ready with something to test!

  • Hi @Boken-Lin i have this running on the Arduino Yun. They are identical hardware in terms of chip/processor being used... i'm investigating doing USB filesystem build then configuration with the prebuilt nodejs from there. Meanwhile, have you made any build progress yet?

    .. and just to whet your whistle so to speak... See: https://youtu.be/qi1Ys1KIK9k


  • Hi @Stephen-Moraco, unfortunately we are still stumbling when it comes to getting newer versions of node to compile. We have searched for ways that the Arduino Yun has compiled it, but it seems that they did not open source the patch/makefile for their pre-built version. If you can extract the files from your device that would be great. We can try to repackage it as an ipk and release that.


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