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After configuration and update root password fails

  • Noobie. Windows 10 on i7 - followed the startup guide and used Firefox for browser method of startup with username: root and password: onionerr. Configuration completed successfully (skipped register on cloud step).
    After finish, used Firefox (URL: omega-2541.local) to bring up login screen, but username: root and password: onionerr produces no response. The login screen never changes to recognize the login attempt.
    Attempted ssh using putty to (dhcp assigned ip from wifi config) and username: root and password: onionerr gives "access denied".

    From raspbian on Pi4, ssh to root@omega-2541.local (omega access point) generates a password prompt, but password: onionerr gives "Permission denied. Please try again".
    Using Firefox with URL omega-2541.local brings up login screen, but username: root and password: onionerr produces no response. The page is fixed.

    Don't know if the username root is locked so no access or the password onionerr is no longer valid. Any suggestions how to access the omega 2 would be appreciated.

  • @mrmcbride Please try to use username: root and the default/valid password: onioneer.

  • Thank you for the suggestion. For URL and ssh connection using the omega2 access point and the local wifi network (4 different connection methods) the username I've used is root and the password I've used is onionerr. For the ssh connections there is simply a rejection of access and the browser login screen is fixed after entering authentication of root and onionerr. I retried each connection and the same response occurs.

  • @mrmcbride One more time:
    if you did not change the default password then
    instead of onionerr
    try to use onioneer

  • Man, I'm embarrassed!! Your password onioneer worked. I don't know what was wrong with me - will attribute it to my noobie status. I'm glad you were able to help me and please forgive my stupid question. Your patience and support is great. Thank you!

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