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Arduino Apps

  • Arduino Apps for Windows and Android

    We know that Arduino Apps Used for Programming. But we could run it on Windows or Android. As it depends on the availability of a programming device for our projects.

    These Apps can help to learn and create electronic projects. I will describe the
    functions and introductory of the following application and also support systems
    required to run.

    Arduino apps for Windows

    Arduino IDE

    Arduino IDE is open-source software for Arduino programming. It is very easy to
    install. The software has a beta version and hourly based, any of them can program
    It widely used for Arduino Projects. Here the downloads for only windows, but for
    mac OS and Linux.

    Arduino Apps.png


    If you don't enjoy programming with difficult languages, the mblock is the best option for programming. It is also an open-source tool. It is an engineering coding platform
    software designed for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics
    (STEAM) education. We use it for Arduino Mega2560 and a micro bit.

    The latest version is mblock 5 for windows 7/8/10. It is a drag & drop type block-
    Developer tool. It is available at the App Store for iPhone and iPad. This is also an
    Arduino app for android and gets from Google play store. Mblock is mostly used for robotics projects.

    Arduino Apps(1).png


    Ardublockly is used to program Arduino, a useful visual programming editor. Which
    Easily generates. Arduino code JavaScript used for creating block-based visual programming languages (VPLs) and editors.

    Ardublockly runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Ardublockly is a free and open-source Arduino app. It is block-based programming, Just select blocks and makes a program.

    Arduino Apps(2).png

    Arduino UNO Simulator
    The Arduino UNO simulator is a Windows and Android-based Software (at play store with many available) that provide a virtual representation of a real-world Arduino circuit. It is a virtual version of exactly the same circuit.

    Arduino Apps(3).png

    Partsim is a freeware software, and it is easy to apply a circuit simulator. parts run in your Internet Browser. You can use it online. This circuit simulator also used to calculate the current in each loop.

    Arduino Apps(4).png

    Arduino Apps for Android
    Android Apps for Electronics solutions. It is an easy-to-use Arduino Application in
    Apple Android.Arduino Droid app for Mobiles Droid v 4.9.1.

    The app works on PC and an example for Arduino also available. It includes IDE, compiler, and up-loader. the mobile memory should be enough and it can't be set up on an SD card for Android protection policy.


    In the second picture shows a menu, it looks easy to program Arduino. all options
    Will display By clicking the upright button. Arduino Libraries can add as in Arduino

    Blynk Apps for IoT
    Blynk is one of the best Arduino Apps of Blynk Inc for android to use with ESP8266,
    ESP32, NodeMCU, and also works with Raspberry Pi. Blynk also supports Bluetooth
    Low energy (BLE). this is an Arduino Bluetooth controller app for wireless devices.

    It contains a lot of examples and a set of libraries to build an internet of things (IoT)
    easily, even if you have little experience in electronics. With the Blynk just connect
    Sensors and you can control output modules e.g. Motors, actuators, or robotics vehicles. It is available from Blynk official site.

  • I have tried mblock, Ardublockly and Node-red. Without success with Omega2 +

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