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Sending an email using CLI and Python

  • I received my Onion Omega today and being a weekend wanted to start off with something simple. I've programmed in python before and while browsing the FAQ and eventually the OpenWRT pages about installing python I saw the python-email library. So I decided to write a python script to send an email from the Onion Omega to my Gmail address. The idea being that once I connect some hardware like a switch or my home door bell to the Onion, it can email me if there is a new activity.
    The first thing I searched for was how to send email using the CLI. I found this useful link (http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/smtp.client) and decided to use mailsend to try and send an email. Here are the steps that I followed:

    Step 1: Install mailsend
    opkg –install mailsend

    Step 2: Use mailsend to send an email to my account. I had to experiment with different options but eventually the following worked
    mailsend -to recipient@gmail.com -from youruserid@yourhost.com -ssl -port 465 -auth-login -smtp host236.hostmonster.com -sub test +cc +bc -v -user youruserid@yourhost.com -pass “yourpassword” -M "Your message here"

    Somehow I’m unable to send an email from my Gmail account so I used another host that my company uses.

    Sending emails via Python Script

    Step 1: Install Python (http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/software/python)
    Install python on Onion. I tried installing python-email only but the library had dependencies to many other libraries and after fixing those dependencies, I still had more dependencies. So I decided to install complete python instead of python-light
    opkg -update
    opkg –install python

    Step 2: Write the script to send an email


    import smtplib

    sender = ' youruserid@yourhost.com '
    toaddrs = “recipient@gmail.com '

    message = """From: Onion Omega Onion@onionomega.com
    To: Recipient < recipient@gmail.com >
    Subject: SMTP e-mail test

    This is a test e-mail message.


    password = 'yourpasswordhere'

    #The actual mail send
    server = smtplib.SMTP_SSL('Your SMTP server address here :465') #(‘Host:Port’)
    server.sendmail(sender, toaddrs, message)

    print "done"


    Another example to send email using SSL via python

  • Check this simple...Python send email

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