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Convert Frames to STL

  • Here is a simple program that I wrote to convert the frame 3d data into STL files. It is important to realize that this is finite point data. The stl is always going to be as sporadic as your data points. If you get really clear scans you will have really clear stl models.

    This Version has no Filters built in, if you need to filter out near or far data you will need to code your own filter until I get around to it.

    Feel free to use this however you would like and redistribute it as you would like. If it is being used commercially I would just like to know in what industry and with what goal.

    The Read Me file should be clear enough for anyone in here.

    I will update this to a github link at a later date

  • @ModusPraxis here it is!

  • Banned

    I'm not sure if this belongs here, but I don't know where else to ask. (If not, please redirect me to a more relevant subreddit) I needed to make something on a 3D printer that the engineering shop has at my school, so I decided to try my hand at TurboCAD. I found an old v12 Deluxe edition in my house, so I figured that was all I would need to print the part. After a few hours of working on it (it's not terribly complex, but I had to feel my way through as I had never done anything CAD related before), I had a finished product.

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