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Use SPI or I2C for NFC/RFID expansion

  • Re: [Omega2+](SPI and NFC/RFID)

    Hello everyone!

    I was wondering if it's possible to use SPI or I2C with the NFC/RFID expansion (together with Omega2+ and an expansion board) and could actually help me with the process!

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello, We have the same goal.

    Right now I only have ways to tell you how it doesn’t work. I hope in the next few days I can tell you something more.
    I think that with the Onion package, you can only read the PN532 from the UART.
    Our goal now is to compile version 1.8 of the libnfc (https://github.com/nfc-tools/libnfc/releases/tag/libnfc-1.8.0) to use the PN532 from I2C and then replace pn532 with pn7150, which is more current and cheaper.
    If you get anything publish it please, I’ll keep you informed.

  • Hello again!

    The wiring is one issue (can't say for sure if it works with the expansion per se cause I have another breakout of the chip for testing purposes). Though, you can easily adapt this example -> https://www.element14.com/community/community/raspberry-pi/blog/2012/12/14/nfc-on-raspberrypi-with-pn532-py532lib-and-i2c and use I2C.

    Lastly, there is no official documentation regarding the schematics of the NFC/RFID expansion but our tests showed that that onion has left out SPI/I2C support for their chip -sth that needs to be checked.

    We are using python tools for now but I will get back to you if we find anything else!

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