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Onion Tau stopped sending data...

  • Hi,
    I wanted to use the Tau Lidar Camera in one of my projects and bought a few. I tested using your software () for three days, but after that the camera stopped giving data.

    python -m TauLidarServer
    Looking for connected Tau LiDAR Camera hardware ...
    ToF camera opened successfully:
        model:      4.0
        firmware:   3.3
        uid:        9801FA
        resolution: 160x60
        port:       COM5
        IP address:

    Screenshot 2022-05-26 123259.png

    The camera responds to the connection and "blinks" when reading data.
    photo_2022-05-26_12-39-34.jpg photo_2022-05-26_12-39-37.jpg


    Screenshot 2022-05-26 130419.png

    P.S.: Although I activated the camera for a maximum of 5 minutes, I noticed that it gets very hot.

  • ... using your software () ... - TauLidarServer and examples

    I searched for posts with similar situations, but did not find exactly this one.

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