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SecureDELTA Application Software for Secure Software UPDATE on ONION Omega2

  • We've just ported our SecureDELTA Software Update software on ONION Omega2 and really, we have to say that we are impressed by the results.
    Updating a 888MB file took ~ a minute in single-threaded mode, gcc compiled app with O2.
    I/O is unbelievable since we process the source file and the target so 1.7GB
    Memory used by our SecureDELTA application is 2.63MB when processing XtremeDELTA binary difference files and 2.83MB when processing these files in SecureDELTA mode.

    Thank you for this wonderful piece of HW. We would use this as a DEMO on our sales meetings.

    If interested, check us out at
    [https://agersoftware.com/securedelta_app.html](link url)



    Thank you!
    Sebastian L.!

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