Hi @Boken-Lin , Thanks a lot for the information, definitely it will help! One question, I see on that article that SNMPD or MiniSNMP are mostly oriented to obtain performance data from the Onion Omega (which is good) to be polled from a centralized SNMP server (i.e. CACTI), however I did not see anything about how to trigger traps (push SNMP message) to be sent from the Onion Omega towards the centralized SNMP server (i.e NPM SolarWinds, IBM NetCool, etc.). For example, if a temperature alarm is triggered and detected by Onion Omega (inner script), can it uses SNMPD o MiniSNMPD to send an SNMP trap to the centralized server informing about the Temperature Alarm triggered ? I'll keep reading to find it out, but if you already have a reference article would be great. Best Regards,