thinking about this logically if i have a micro sd card inserted in the builtin dock of omega 2+ and i can see it by typing 'df' into command prompt and then not do anything but wait 2 minutes, type 'df' again and i can't see the sd card is this right or wrong ( only reason i can think of, of why it would automatically not show is if it was automatically dismounting because of no activity) otherwise i think its broken, which im guessing it is secondly, command 'swapon' i don't think according to the documentation should come up with swapon: not found i mean to get to the point of initiating the swap file i used 'mkswap' which worked, swap file is working i just can't get that one command to work, why i just don't know if im doing something wrong, the documentation is wrong, or the device is broken so frustrating for new users, not one step has worked correctly yet