@crispyoz @Lnx-Prof Sorry for "shotgunning" this thread, it simply had the exact same message in its title than the error I was receiving, I though creating a new post with a nearly identical title would be even worst than resurrecting a 5 month old thread. Anyway, I came with the simple workaround of using Python instead of node, it required some extra effort but in the end it worked just fine. I didn't knew about cross compiling and a quick search led me to finding what it is, how to do it for node packages, and even found an already cross-compiled repo of the package I was having issues with. I'll leave those here in case someone else finds this thread having the same issues I had. This repo contains binaries targeted for the omega2 for the serialport library in case you're trying to interface with an arduino via serial: https://github.com/sdesalas/node-serialport-omega2 And here's a post about how to cross-compile for an npm module on Omega2: https://github.com/sdesalas/node-serialport-omega2/wiki/How-to-Cross-Compile-an-NPM-module-on-Omega2 Sorry again about necro-ing this topic and thanks for the help! EDIT**: The previous link on how to cross-compile didn't worked for me, but there are instructions in the official onion website: https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/cross-compiling.html