It is an old topic. Not sure if it will be helpful to Warren et al. Just wants to share my experience struggling with hap-nodejs with my omega2+. Obviously you need to setup the compilers on the omega2+. Please see the documentation on setting up a compiler for details. It turns out that 128M ram does not cut it either. So you also need to set up a swap file or a swap partition. Again, please check the documentation for how to do that. At last, Omega2's C compiler does not need the -lpthread. In fact, there is no libpthread provided. Just create a dummy, like using a C file as this: static void __dummy() { } Say, you save it as dummy.c, and compile it as gcc -c -fPIC -o dummy.o dummy.c gcc -shared -fPIC -Wl,soname, -o dummy.o -lc then move the created to /usr/lib. Hopefully you will then have a working hap-nodejs.