Agreed !

Ultimately I would like to use a "good enough, cheap enough" Linux SBC to do multiple streaming over WiFi into HDMI TV dongles like open source Miracast ones (going $10 or less on AliExpress.)

Possibly with a TVout/HDMI stream if the adapter is available at the same time.

I suppose Linux does have a Miraclecast driver to support such WiFi Direct dongles?

Could Omega2 do such WiFi streaming?

How "good" anyway is Omega2 WiFi, in terms of Mbps throughput vs range in meters, assuming a free channel?

Does OpenWrt make a difference?

I remember months ago I had asked this TVout/HDMI multi-streaming question on CHIP forums, and WereCatf had replied saying CHIP/ A13 or OPi/ H3 likely were not multiple outputs capable.

But WiFi streaming with the actual video display looks more promising. Hope I am right :)