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Video out support ...

  • Re: Onion omega capabilities?

    I read above and was curious: Can a fast serial interface like SPI output RCA or component video upto 720p without much extra development?

  • @Athar-Mian Those are analog signals, you ain't getting analog signal in the first place of the Omega without quite a lot of "extra development."

    Secondly, even if the Omega was doing black-and-white, 1-bit image, it would only be able to push out a full 720p picture over the SPI at about 27fps, because the SPI-bus can only go up to 25MHz. If you wanted colour-picture, well, the fps would drop real quick, like, say, 256 colours or 8-bits per pixel, would drop that to about 3fps. So, you'd need an external buffer/driver, to which you push the whole 720p picture. At a horribly mediocre speed.

  • @WereCatf

    OK. So in short there is no good way of analog video out from Omega2? The better ways would be CHIP or Orange PiZero?

  • Correct. The MT7688 SoC which is the heart of the Omega2s does not have a video controller. The chip is targeted at the network router market - it has a cornucopia of network interfaces.

    CHIP is better suited for the task, so are the Orange Pis as well as the Raspberry Pi and many other boards.

  • @Athar-Mian Even if the Omega2 had the hardware, RF displays are on a rapid decline, used ones on Ebay (that is, if they still work). More interesting to me is the ability to push DLNA streams to TVs, or add a nice touchscreen using the SPI interface.

  • @fossette

    Agreed !

    Ultimately I would like to use a "good enough, cheap enough" Linux SBC to do multiple streaming over WiFi into HDMI TV dongles like open source Miracast ones (going $10 or less on AliExpress.)

    Possibly with a TVout/HDMI stream if the adapter is available at the same time.

    1. I suppose Linux does have a Miraclecast driver to support such WiFi Direct dongles?

    2. Could Omega2 do such WiFi streaming?

    3. How "good" anyway is Omega2 WiFi, in terms of Mbps throughput vs range in meters, assuming a free channel?

    Does OpenWrt make a difference?

    I remember months ago I had asked this TVout/HDMI multi-streaming question on CHIP forums, and WereCatf had replied saying CHIP/ A13 or OPi/ H3 likely were not multiple outputs capable.

    But WiFi streaming with the actual video display looks more promising. Hope I am right šŸ™‚

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