İyi günler Çağatay,

With ssh: other than @Maximilian-Gerhardt's share, you can use paswordless ssh key pair.
in this link you can create a pair of paswordless key and just type

ssh root@my-omega-ip "./myProgram"

from your computer.

without ssh:

You can use usbttl adapter on rx0, tx0 and geather the console of omega2 for whatever you want to do.

You can use crontab -e and use cron for an application.

You can use rc.local or init.d that triger an application or script on boot time.

triggered application should in a loop, for example; while read -r line < /dev/ttyS1; do echo -e "$line" done

this script wait a connection to gpio46,45 -> rx1, tx1 on Omega2 and runs forever.

#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common # Copyright (C) 2017 Onion Corporation START=80 USE_PROCD=1 # PROCD_DEBUG=1 BIN="sh /root/bin/myProgram.sh" start_service() { # for i in /tmp/mounts/*; umount $i; done /root/bin/fsck_record_disk.sh procd_open_instance procd_set_param command $BIN procd_set_param respawn procd_set_param stdout 1 procd_set_param stderr 1 procd_set_param pidfile /var/run/service.pid procd_close_instance }

this init.d script start on boot time and respawn whenever it's crash.

You can use any gpio pin for a push button and after the button pushed an application can be triggered.

Thats all on my mind.

Kolay gelsin.

P.S : If your program have while loop or something similar you should end your command with "&"

ssh root@my-omega-ip "./myProgram &"

without "&" your ssh connection will be stuck until kill the myProgram from Omega2's side.