@jossvall The Omega2S+ wifi is probably not the issue, I use them in a range of settings, including outdoors and each of them connects to a central Omega2S+ device located indoors. For example, in my home I have some Omega2S+ based devices inside PLA cases and all of my devices within my home connect to the Omega2S+ device, this includes iPad, various phones and televisions, audio devices etc. from up to 25 metres away. One of my outdoor devices is closer to 30 metres away, while the signal is of course weaker, it is still functionally useful. I'm using this SMD antenna: https://www.digikey.com.au/en/products/detail/johanson-technology-inc/2450AT43B100E/1560681 I suspect the issue is the ESP so perhaps try connecting to your Omega2 using another device in order to determine if the EPS is the issue.