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wifi antenna power

  • Hello, good day to everyone,

    I have been working for a while on a project using an omega 2s+, to which several ESP12Fs (ESP8266) are connected, this has worked very well when I have the ESP12Fs in the same room, but when I start to move them away (8 to 12 meters ) I start to lose communication.

    Initially I used an antenna design on the same PCB, today I used an external antenna but the results did not improve (I had connected the omega 2s+ through a 0 ohm resistor in case I ever needed to use an external antenna)

    Given this, I must return to the design table, for them I would like you to help me with some questions:

    • Is the maximum power of the onion enabled by default? Or is it limited by a parameter in the system configuration?
    • Is it possible to amplify the wifi signal of the omega 2s+? Can you provide me with a component part number to make this change?

  • @jossvall The Omega2S+ wifi is probably not the issue, I use them in a range of settings, including outdoors and each of them connects to a central Omega2S+ device located indoors. For example, in my home I have some Omega2S+ based devices inside PLA cases and all of my devices within my home connect to the Omega2S+ device, this includes iPad, various phones and televisions, audio devices etc. from up to 25 metres away. One of my outdoor devices is closer to 30 metres away, while the signal is of course weaker, it is still functionally useful. I'm using this SMD antenna:


    I suspect the issue is the ESP so perhaps try connecting to your Omega2 using another device in order to determine if the EPS is the issue.

  • After performing several tests, I found that the problem in the short communication distance was due to the wifi antenna.

    I tried with the antenna that comes with the evaluation board of the Omega2s+ and I stopped losing information.

    Does anyone know what the part number of this antenna is?


  • I've been using this one from aliexpress successfully for many projects. It looks bigger than the one you show in the image above, but it works fine and has adhesive tape on one side to mount it to any flat surface.

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