@buzztiaan-buzztiaan said in Omega1 ; plain openwrt? piratebox?: Kinda suprises me the wiki doesnt say how to setup a AP mode on the omega etc. If you open the box where the omega was in, you will find a URL who brings you to: https://wiki.onion.io/Get-Started If you connect as described (over the browser) you will get in to the control panel of the omega where you can configure it > Look for settings. As I know it comes already configured for AP mode?! Also, why aren't we running plain OpenWRT but this fork? For me it looks like that the onioners forked the OpenWRT to preconfigure hardware and for branding. A plain OpenWRT would be in my opinion a task for a hacker team (a group from the community) who reverse engineers it about the drivers and puts everything on GitHub as real open source ;). From the onion Team itself you can not expect to much ... they are always busy promising new things where we have to wait to long for it ... an example was my simple question about the License model. Until today now answer from the team.