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Weather Station

  • Re: Idea Dump

    I have a personal weather station setup that streams data to a device in the house that automatically uploads the weather data to www.wunderground.com I want to use that data and the OLED coming soon with m OMEGA2 to display my weather/weather prediction from wunderground.

    I am thinking I should pull the data from wunderground. Just easier that way instead of trying to get into the software on the device in the house.

    Anyone want to help me at all? I did a quick search of weather but couldn't find exactly what I was looking for.

    I have little to no programming experience. I don't think writing code for this should be too challenging so I would love to learn how if possible. Any suggestions on that? I would peruse the website some more in the future for intro to coding stuff.

    Thank for everyones time.

  • Assuming you have access to some PC ... my recommendation would be to get your solution working written in JavaScript using Node.js. There is some documentation on the APIs available to get weather data here:


    If you are new to JavaScript and Node.js, get some books or surf the tutorials on the Internet. Get the solution you want working ... working on a desktop and then ... later on ... port it to Omega as desired. If you have question on JavaScript or Node.js, don't be tempted to post them here. Rather find newsgroups appropriate to those technologies. StackExchange sites are particularly good and have already had most of the good questions asked and answered.

  • @Alex-Jochym I don't know if you have continued to work on this or have given up, but I created a project on hackster.io that does this. It pulls the location from the GPS module I have hooked up on the expansion board, but you can change the URL in the project to pull from specific stations by their ID. I have a weather station at my house that sends to WUnderground as well.

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