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Omega 2 KS Survey non-functional

  • @Kit-Bishop Now, it worked for me as well!

    But before, I tried yesterday evening, this morning early and around noon again, and all of these attempts failed. Seems I tried three times exactly when everyone else also tried šŸ˜‰

  • Looks like I tried 3 times as well. Maybe we are more patient with low expectations the third time. LOL!!! šŸ˜‰

    Well, perhaps this will help others. When you enter the URL, a blank page is immediately displayed, at least for me it did. It looks completely unresponsive. BUT KEEP IT ANYWAY, even for several minutes. Do something else in the meantime. The page to ask for my backer ID then magically appeared, and I was able answer the survey.

    Can't wait for my Omega2s to arrive now! āš™ šŸ›« āœˆ šŸ›¬ šŸ“¬

  • relax people šŸ™‚
    i am also a backer with a considerable amount (at least for me) i might say, did not get any email and i am not worried at all. let me assure you, people are working on the survey system literally around the clock.

  • My message was not meant to be disrespectful, Youlian! My apologies to the Onion Team for the sometimes incisive nature of my humor.

    This is just a tip that worked for me, and I thought that it might be helpful to others.

  • what disrespect ? no disrespect perceived anywhere at all.
    if anybody, i should apologize for not being clear enough šŸ™‚
    i meant "just relax everybody", in a nonspecific way, because i do believe there is no reason to worry at all.
    onion is here to stay and bring you cool things in the long term, or at least that's the impression i am getting from the team behind it without being a clairvoyant or something šŸ™‚

  • Finally worked 2 days later but....

    No Sarah Connor expansion?


  • @Matthias-Nowak said in Omega 2 KS Survey non-functional:

    dont know how sooo many people are pissed of just because they back something and cant read the campaigns page...
    do you mean the sticker? one comes free (without you having to add it) and every sticker you add is an additional one.
    what you see on step 3 is what gets booked from your card at the 20.th of november. the provider for the credit card payment is the same as the one kickstarter uses, so you dont have to be scared really

    Well, even without adding the additional sticker, alone with my amount pleged, I have a shipping cost of $5.

    I refer to this email I received long before the campaign began.


    I would like a clear response from the staff.


  • So, should be free shipping for those who created the BUZZ as described before the Kickstarter campaign started... so on a case by case basis since the survey that I filled didn't take this exception into account.

    Well, for me, it won't even apply because I've heard about the Omega2 WAY AFTER the Kickstarter campaign had started, which is the case of most backers I assume...

    But thanks for sharing, Laurence! Good luck with your claim, and be patient. We are early in the process, but it's always good to point out issues early.

  • Yes, really the Onion team is not characterized by rapid shipments šŸ˜€ hehehe, the omega onion, I got it almost 4 months later, but it was because of problems they had in their construction, however it is a good board (this time not heard from Kickstarter, but I bought pre-order on its website, although news updated continuously in Kickstarter).

    I can not avoid be impatient, but I am aware that this campaign will also take time (hopefully less than last time), but it's a great team revolutionizing the environment.

  • I am backer #XXX and have yet to receive a survey. Please advise.

  • Well, looky there...as soon as I post about it, I get the email survey.

    @TheMonkey-King said in Omega 2 KS Survey non-functional:

    I am backer #XXX and have yet to receive a survey. Please advise.

  • @Laurence-HR if you participated sharing on Facebook and Twitter, just let them know your Facebook and Twitter account ... so they can check if you participated and just then you will be able to get the free shipment. To all participating means to them who shared before kick-starter started ...

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