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USB keypad not showing up in /dev/input

  • So this is a weird one: I've got a USB numeric keypad that does not seem to create an entry in /dev/input when connected. It shows up on lsusb but that's about it.

    Other USB keyboards properly create an entry in /dev/input, so that subsystem is working. And the keypad shows up in /dev/input and works just fine there on my Ubuntu machine (where dmesg tells me it's using hid-generic), so I know it is working as well.

    Any clue what would cause this? I'd love to use this keypad as the input device for a project I'm working on.

  • Hiya,

    Try putting the vendor ID and the product ID into the file:


    Something like this:
    $cat /etc/modules.d/hid-generic

    hid-generic vendor=0x0123 product=0x1000 maxSize=2048


    But note that you will have to use your product and vendor ID for the device you have. I "think" you can find those by pulling the device out of the usb port and then plugging it back in again. Think is shows on the console. If not, you might be able to find it in your other system in a similar place?

  • Thanks for the pointer! I think there is more going on here though -- after I plugged in a USB hub to be able to test this device and use another USB device at the same time, it magically showed up in /dev/input. No idea why as the hub isn't powered or anything... but at least it's working now. I'll just tuck the hub in with my project.

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