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Wearable device for monitoring health parameters

  • Hello,
    I am a senior biomedical engineering student planning to develop a device (which is pretty much a smartbracelet) capable of reading vital signs from a person, such as temperature and pulse. Furthermore, the device should be able to communicate with a smartphone for data displaying and database storing.
    Given the proposed design, is the Omega2 (with the Bluetooth expansion) a viable option? Does anyone know the actual size of it (it should be compact enough to fit on the wrist) ?

  • Mihai, the Omega2 is small, but it doesn't run by itself. First, watch this video if you haven't already:
    You need to supply specific power to it (3.3V), and add your sensors and their needed electronic interfaces. That may be a lot to carry on the wrist. Also, packaging will be very important. You want the Omega2 to 'breath' to prevent it from overheating. A big chunk of stuff on the wrist can become cumbersome and tiring for the user on the long run. Maybe packaging your project into a small box tied to the belt would be more practical, IMO.

    To make an actual smart bracelet for mass production, I think you would need an electronic engineer to develop the design of an electronic circuit from the ground up using only the needed electronic parts for the bracelet features, no other generic stuff attached to it for size and convenience considerations.

  • I wouldnt want to use anything that has to do with health care that runs linux, because stuff from the background can interrupt it.

    you really should look into Microcontrollers, not microprocessors for such kind of task. Maaaaannnyyy Low power bluetooth devices run the nrf51822, and you also should take a look at it (maybe pair up with an electronics engineer student?)

    And no, its definatly not compact enough to be worn on a wrist, let alone the battery you would need to have to run it for half a day or so

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