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USB Not Working

  • I purchased the Onion Omega a year ago. The USB has never worked. I have recently upgraded the firmware, and the USB still does not work.

    I cannot mount any USB device. None of my cameras or USB storage works. I have at least 6 different types of USB drives I have tested with, none of them work with the omega.. I do not have this problem with any other Linux machines at my house. Two Raspberry Pis and a Debian box have no issues working with my USB devices.

    Did I get a faulty unit? See my previous post for pictures of the board, and the original series of posts about this issue from a year ago.


  • If you run lsusb and then plug in a USB device and re-run lsusb, do you see the new device show up in the list?

  • Why multiple posts, Mike? Why not resurect the old post where all your details were posted? You can't honestly claim that your issue has been left unresolved for a year when YOU are not responsive for a year... This clogs the forum, imo!

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