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Console device manager

  • Hi there
    It seems that this is supposed to allow us to interact with devices connected to our onions, but the website actually doesn't give us many explanations.
    I'm trying to access a BMP180 with python and still a bit far away of getting it, so is there a way of doing it via onion console?

  • Hi @Pedro-Baco, you can't currently access it through the console. But you should be able to interact with it through the Linux terminal. BMP180 can uses I2C interface to communicate with the Omega. You will first need to run a i2c-detect -y 0 to detect the address of the device. Then you can use i2c-tools to read data from the barometer.

  • i2c-tools installed, i2cget Reading specific addresses inside BMP180. This looks promising šŸ™‚

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