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Security part of a robot using Omega Onion 1

  • I'm using onion omega 1 in my robot, I'm trying to get some snapshots using webcam (and not video stream) then send them and decrypt them in my computer.

    1. For taking some snapshots the only solution that I found is send them to web and then download them again (using stream and wget..)
    2. I tried to use AES encryption to encrypt the snapshots : for this I tried to cross compile a C implementation of AES but it doesn't work (missing libraries/packages).
      Then I tried to find out any method for encrytion using just command line but I didn't find any for openwrt (onion's linux distribution).
      I figured out that there is a hard implementation of AES in onion but I think it's used by card for WIFI encryption (I didn't know even if I can use it)

    Any help please for this ?

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