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Set up wlan -> wlan router

  • Is this possible at all on the omega (2(+))? ifconfig tells me there are 6 interfaces:

    • apcli0 (pretty sure this is the interface that rebroadcasts the wireless network my board is connected to)
    • br-wlan (alternatively, this interface could be the one rebroadcasting and the previous one might just be receiving)
    • eth0 (the ethernet interface-- pretty straightforward)
    • eth0.1 (???)
    • lo (local loopback)
    • ra0 (???)

    Note that apcli0 and ra0 share a MAC address (the one printed on the shield), and br-wlan, eth0, and eth0.1 share another MAC.

    Also note that eth0 and ra0 seem to be attached to (hardware?) interrupts 5 and 6 respectively.

    My end goal would be to set up this adblock package in between whatever network the omega is connected to and whatever devices are connected to the omega.

  • So I've done a little more research, and it looks like this isn't possible (though a LAN->WLAN router is, as suggested by the docs).
    The board would need to have a second radio with which to rebroadcast the signal, which it doesn't have (although it still confuses me how it can act as an AP).

    Oh well, guess it's time to think of a new project~ 🎵

  • Perhaps not easily, but I'm sure it can be done. The packet forwarding is already available. You just need to tap into the forwarding process.

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