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RESOLVED: Disable the serial console that's messing up my serial comms

  • How to disable the serial console? Both when the Omega is running, and also make it stick when it is restarted?

    I have a device (Arduino) connected to the Omega via the serial interface (TX/RX pins), the tty device is /dev/ttyATH0. The serial console is messing up all the communication with my device. Omega version 1 here.

  • @Pavils-Jurjans have a look here for the steps needed to get the serial comm line back (works on Omega1 and 2). For Omega2 however, just using the second serial port might be the easier solution.

  • Wow, @luz, thanks, man! Got the thing working!

    To complete the thread, here's what I did:

    1. Implemented the "INIT" command in my Omega-Arduino serial protocol. Before receiving "INIT" command, Arduino swallows up anythin that is thrown at it, and does not return anything back. Only after the "INIT" command it starts to accept other commands and return responses.
    2. I changed the /etc/inittab file, commenting out the line that makes openwrt await a login on the console:
      #::askconsole:/bin/ash --login
    3. Edited the /etc/sysctl.conf file, adding a row at start, to prevent the kernel from writing any messages to the console:
      kernel.printk = 0 4 1 7

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