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[Official Announcement] Onion is looking for a web designer

  • Dear Fellow Onioneers,

    As we introduce game-changing products like Omega2, we wish our website can be as great as our product. So I am posting to see if there are some good web designers in our community, and hope to find one or some to work with us for our website redesign.

    About the site re-design:

    • NOT a re-branding project. We don’t want to change our logo or general visual tonality;
    • What we need is to tailor, synergize, and standardize our visual tonality from these existing materials. And, implement them onto the website
    • Specifically, the needed deliverables:
       1. Detailed re-design of pages, including a consistent color combination;
       2. A product page which is already done on the crowdfunding site
       3. A to-enterprise page, which is just a form and use cases
       4. Design/visual language of onion brand, which we can simply conclude from the above 3 with no extra work
    • As for website structure and page layout(UX), we don’t want to utterly change them and have our own thoughts. Simply need to discuss with you for aesthetics like the space.

    Our requirements:

    • Have passion for the thing we do,(so if you feel Omega2 is a lame product, don apply);
    • A good sense of color and can well manage colorful themes
    • Minimal design style, but not black/white/grey style
    • Some knowledge on UX would be a plus

    Talents from all over the world are welcome to reach me at randolf@onion.io, with:

    • Your portfolio
    • Your availability
    • Your quotation or anything indicating your financial expectation

    As we spent most of our fundings on R%D, we don’t have a lot of budget here. But you will enjoy some extra benefits:

    • This obviously may lead to long-term relation with us, or even join Onion team in the future;
    • Associate yourself with Onion brand whatever the way you like, to put it on ur resume, and etc.;
    • Wll be able to show your work to thousands of Onioneers all over the world;
    • Have the chance to work with a brand strategy consultant, me 🙂

    After all, we hope to work with someone who really have passion for Onion, and aim as high as we do!
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    Happy Holidays,
    Randolf Gioro
    Head of Marketing

  • Yes I can join with you I have professional about designer webs for 6 years until now

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