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My o2 does not behave as instructions indicate

  • The light does not flash during boot; and is not flashing during firmware update in setup. It just went OUT, but has not flashed once. I saw one reference to O2s not always flashing. This is very confusing for anyone booting a new product for the first time. Needs to be fixed so that all Os behave alike. IF this is a firmware issue, the docs should say so.

    General observation: setup on the o2 has been difficult. Multiple failures and restarts. Hangs. Reminds me (not favorably) of the Pine64 and LattePanda machines that I also sponsored. In contrast, my fleet of RPi, Up and Odroid boards are predictable and run reliably. Setup is simple (except for the bizarre os load on the Up).

    I do understand that you're just delivering, and it's very busy times. Please have someone take a moment and add a few pointers to the otherwise excellent docs to keep us from spinning wheels on the rough spots.


  • Hello Robert,

    I experienced the same issue with my initial startup (I caused a couple) ;). I found that holding the reset button and powering on the device once made the AP active and boot seemed normal after that point. The LED on my O2+ didn't act as indicated. However, after a non-conventional firmware upgrade, I was able to see normal LED activity. I've noted that power supplied to the O2+ is definitely a big issue. My laptop can power just the Omega but, anything else (usb accessory or charge battery via Power Dock) it can't. In fact I've found only one power adapter in my house that can do-it-all and it's rated 5 volt 1.6 amp. I understand the frustration but, I see it as a challenge. Where else do you see a $9 computer carrying you without a little mud on the tires? I'm not certain which docks or expansions you have. Any additional info you can provide would be helpful.

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