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Onion Community cpu performance bug

  • Hi, I have detected that you have a function in this page:

    self.addEventListener("message", function(e) {
    var n = e.data;
    result: !n.block ? t.parse(n.template, n.object) : t.parse(n.template, n.block, n.object),
    signature: n.signature
    }, "*")
    , false)

    that is being executed a hundred times per second, consuming cpu.


  • Hi @Eduardo-Marín, I'm not quite following you. Where are you running this piece of code? And is the callback function being executed a hundred times per second in response to just one 'message' event?

  • Hi!. Yes, it is here, in Onion Community Web application. When I opened the community, my cpu works a lot. I think it is related with sockets for real time.


  • @Eduardo-Marín Oh i see what you mean. Yeah, the community site uses socket to communicate with the backend so that it has realtime communication between the backend and the front end. Since the community site uses a software that's not created by us, we don't really have an option to change the way the frontend communicates with the backend. If this is a bug, i think they should be able to address the bug in their next software update.

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