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Things that don't work for me

  • I have an Omega2 +. I may be doing something wrong.

    1. Reset button doesn't start reboot.
    2. Installed Terminal from Console. Did work, now does not start. When it did, can't copy/paste from somewhere else
    3. Using PuTTY to start Terminal, but doesn't remember up/down arrow keys
    4. Pin 6 is not GPIO till you change it. An Instructables tutorial shows using pin 6. Tried to blink LED, always HIGH. Pin 0, 1, 11 are OK out of the box.
    5. This Community site needs improvement. Compose section is way at bottom and doesn't scroll up as you type. One has to Enter over and over to see your typing.
    6. I put blinking LED file name in /etc/rc.local to start on boot. It works, but orange LED on Omega never stops blinking, like the boot is still going on.
    7. Sometimes Login and Password are remembered, sometimes not.
    8. Sometimes wireless Omega-ABCD gets disconnected, sometimes not. Connect Automatically doesn't work.
    9. Why is boot so slow. Embarrassing when trying to demo Omega to someone.
    10. Leave Factory Restore disabled for a while till real problems are fixed.
    11. Factory Update is still spinning. No info. Was working.
    12. Take a Tour doesn't work anymore. When is it supposed to work?


  • Point 2 = The terminal app is a third party app. You have to look and complain there about bugs.

    Point 5 = true, as workaround use the black bullet on the right to increase the input space, submit in between and edit your request.

    Point 9 = what type of memory card do you use? ... If it is a old one try a newer one but be aware of missing drivers!

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