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Serial port not working on Arduino Dock

  • I have two Omega2+s, one Arduino dock and one Expansion dock. Both Omega2+ appear to be working with the expansion dock. Neither Omega2+ will work properly in the Arduino dock.

    I have attached a USB to serial bridge/convertor to the three pin header for the Omega serial port. When I power up the Arduino dock usinf the miceoUSB connector, the 5V LED lights up and the orange LED on the Omega2+ also lights up steady. However, nothing comes out of the Omega's serial port. The USB to serial convertor that I use has LEDs to indicate Tx and Rx traffic. The Tx LED is brightly lit. It should be off and flash on when data is sent. Looking at the Omega_Tx pin on the three pin header, the voltage is 0V, a logic low. This should be a logic high when not transmitting. Looking at the schematics, the Tx signal from the Omega2+ is routed through a CD4052 switch that is controlled by GPIO19. It would appear that GPIO19 is not initialized properly to allow the CD4052 to steer the Omega's Tx output to the three pin header or there is some other hardware issue. How do I correct this ?

    Until this is corrected the Arduino Dock is useless.

    I went through the startup procedure and upgraded the Omega2+'s firmware. I have not done anything else with them.

    When the either Omega2+ is in the expansion dock the serial port works through the microUSB header as expected.

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