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Well, I think I bricked it. [Resolved]

  • (I'm attached to the minidock, for reference. I was connected to my home wifi, not to the omega's own access point).

    Today I looked for updates and saw a firmware upgrade, so I went ahead and attempted to install it. Didn't touch anything else, just let it do its thing. The progress bar looked like it completed, but the web GUI sat there a good 10 minutes. I eventually noticed that my Omega no longer even had its LED lit. Thinking perhaps it had crashed and really having nothing else to do, I power cycled it.

    Now it goes solid LED for a few (maybe 7?) seconds, then fast for a few seconds, then this slower 2blinks/second speed forever. The onion wifi point never comes back.

    I thought that a factory reset was an option but maybe I'm doing it wrong? All I've seen is "hold down the reset button from 10 - 30 seconds" but that leaves a lot of room open to mess it up. Should I see a change in the LED status? How do I know if it worked or not? Should I power it off, press reset, then power it on while still holding reset for 10 - 30 seconds? I noticed that if I hold reset while power cycling the device it goes into a very fast blink like it's in a different mode, but I'm not sure what's supposed to happen after that. It eventually stops.

    Anybody able to help me bring it back to life or did I just break my new toy that I've only had for a week?

  • It's alive!

    With nothing else to do after posting last night I just left it plugged in. Came back maybe half an hour later? And noticed that the LED was solid - and the Wifi spot was back up!

    Sure enough I could get back into the console, and it's even reporting that I am on the latest firmware version.

    So, that's awesome. This thing is more robust than I feared! Although it's kind of weird that I sat there mucking with power/reset combinations, holding that button down for 30+ seconds several times ... and yet when it came back to life it still remembered my home wifi and everything, and had clearly not reset itself in any way.

    Oh well. Lesson learned - wait longer than I think I need to wait for these things to finish, I guess?

  • It can take quite a while to write to the NOR Flash chip...and these are either 16M or 32M.
    Basically push the GO button...and GO do something else.
    Don't watch and worry šŸ™‚

  • @Duane-Morin

    That's great to hear that it works!

    Sometimes after upgrading from the stock firmware, it may take substantially longer to complete the boot process (I get this a lot when working in the office). But if the Omega's LED goes dark and you didn't cut power to it beforehand, it should be safe to power cycle in the case where it doesn't reboot.

    If you don't mind I'll mark this topic as [Resolved] so others may be able to find this in the future. šŸ™‚


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