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Wifi setup fails

  • Not trying to be a pain here but if the 3 methods for setting up wifi on your website don't work and you need to have a certain set of skills to use the board that statements like this on your crowd funding site don't make sense.

    "With the Omega2, we want to lower the barrier of entry, and allow everyone to take the leap into hardware development."

  • @carl-stevens Did you even try following the guide at https://docs.onion.io/omega2-docs/get-started.html ?

  • Correct tried using the wizard first then moved on to ssh like the bottom of your wizard set up suggests if that did not work then on to connecting via serial. is there a way to set it up link a PI by coping a file system to the SD card?

  • @carl-stevens No. Besides, you need to upgrade your firmware first to even be able to use the microSD-card slot anyways -- the version you have is broken and the slot ain't working.

    Using wifisetup on the command-line doesn't work?

  • Correct once I get to the step where I am entering the wifi password it sits idle for 10 or more minutes and then I get a "broken pipe" error.

  • @carl-stevens I would recommend installing newest firmware. You can e.g. install it via USB by following the instructions at http://community.onion.io/topic/1154/omega-2-usb-firmware-install-after-brick-resolved

  • I get to the last line and get nothing. I do really appreciate your help, you have been very responsive and I appreciate that very much.

    Carls-MBP:~ carlstevens$ ssh root@omega-690B.local
    ssh: Could not resolve hostname omega-690b.local: nodename nor servname provided, or not known
    Carls-MBP:~ carlstevens$ ssh root@omega-690B.local
    root@omega-690b.local's password:

    BusyBox v1.25.1 () built-in shell (ash)

    / __ ___ ()__ ___ / __ _ _ ___ ___ ____ _
    / // / _ / / _ / _ \ / // / ' / -) _ / _ /
    /////___//// _////_/_, /_,/
    W H A T W I L L Y O U I N V E N T ? /

    Ω-ware: 0.1.5 b130

    root@Omega-690B:~# wifisetup
    Onion Omega Wifi Setup

    Select from the following:

    1. Scan for Wifi networks
    2. Type network info
      q) Exit

    Selection: 1
    Scanning for wifi networks...

    Select Wifi network:

    1. MilwaukeeMaker
    2. MilwaukeeMaker2GHz
    3. MilwaukeeMakerVaults
    4. ESP_123511
    5. ESP_0F1756

    Selection: 2
    Network: MilwaukeeMaker2GHz
    Authentication type: WPA2PSK
    Enter password: wrenchiron

    Restarting wifimanager for changes to take effect

  • @carl-stevens I don't see any error there. You said wifisetup isn't working, but it looks like it's working fine?

  • That is what I though but bring to run the "oupgrade" command and it says I am not connected

    Restarting wifimanager for changes to take effect
    root@Omega-690B:~# oupgrade
    Device Firmware Version: 0.1.5 b130
    Checking latest version online...
    ERROR: Could not connect to Onion Firmware Server! Check your internet connection and try again!

  • ping and traceroute could help to debug your network problem.

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