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Omega2 refuses to show up in Onion Cloud

  • Hi, I had a fairly complicated setup process with the Omega2 but now I have it totally working. I assume wifi was setup correctly because it shows a checkmark in the Wifi list and I was able to update the firmware, connect to the console, and get stats from

    Despite this, the device always shows OFFLINE in the Onion cloud. I have tried removing the grayed out/offline device and adding it again in the dash but all i get is another disabled device. If I do this multiple times I'll get multiple disabled/disconnected devices.

    What gives?

  • I am curious about the cloud connection as well. My Omega2+ device hasn't connected to the cloud since I got it up and running. It registers as a new device every time I try to use the 'Register device again...' button, but every time I try it just shows as greyed out in the cloud interface. Half the time I get an error message asking me to try again later. Omega2+, b140 firmware (but happened with b136 and 139).

  • I have the same problem!
    I have registered the device on cloud (i've tryed any for command line and after upgrading firmware) and the registration is fine. But on cloud device is everytime OFFLINE.. problem started 3 days ago.
    Please give me some information about the situation. I can't use it whitout the cloud..

  • This problem is reported in Can't register device on cloud

  • Thanks for letting us know!

    We have been seeing this issue internally as well, and we believe it stems from one of our back-end dependencies. It has been under investigation, and we'll update you as soon as we have more information available.

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