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New project request

  • I am new to the IoT development and to Onion . Can someone give me a project to try and build on the Omega? I have the Omega and expansion dock , Oled and just want a pointer to where to start. I have been working on a Respberry Pi for a bit and have led's, sound sensors, Oled's etc and looking for an idea to start on.

  • @Garling-Beard Given what you already have, how about a clap-on, clap-off that turn on/off LEDs?

  • Hello Garling,

    what about making a simple web page and use a server side technology to interface to the GPIO?
    You could use Python or PHP. If you don't know these languages, they are interesting to learn. I like Python the most because you can do much more than just server side scripting. You could also learn more about HTML/CSS/Javascript.

    An example project would be to make a webpage that display a schedule that you can apply to the output pin you want. You could plug a relay board (inexpensive on ebay) to the Omega and turn on/off lights in your home/backyard or stuff like that.

    With your OLED display, what about making a dashboard that can display your twitter timeline, check if you have any unread emails or other notification, or just simply display the local weather?

    It is a small Linux computer, there is a lot you can do. Lots of language to learn.

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