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No Access Point, No LED lights, but device is warm/hot

  • I am not able to get my Omega2 w/ Expansion Dock to boot at all. I have tried powering it through USB ports on MacBook Pro (early 2015, OS X 10.11.16) and wall adapters. I tried various length cables and verified they work with other devices - phone, tablet, etc. No Access Point appears in WiFi manager. The Omega2 is hot, however, so something is happening, but I simply do not see any LEDs blink to indicate any type of activity. I have let is sit for an hour and device continues to stay hot, but no Access Point appears. When connected to MacBook Pro I DO see it listed when I run - ls /dev/tty.*

    Below is a picture:

    It is a bad dock?

  • pls more pics form different sides ... see guidelines

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