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Where's the Onion Cloud?

  • I received my Onion a couple days ago and sat down with it last night to see what it would do. I configured it and then connected to it and tried the software out. That all seemed cool so I went on to the next step which is to see if it would connect to the Onion cloud. There I came up empty. No docs and even the video on the web page won't play because of permissions issues. So I've got a couple questions.

    Is the cloud available? Will there be a fee to use it? Is there any docs describing how to use it?

    It seems to me that the Onion cloud is an essential part of making this thing fly. Without it the Omega is just another linux on a board and I've got some of those already.

  • Hi @eric-marsh, the Onion Cloud is in private beta right now, we will be releasing it in about 3 weeks for everyone. There is no fee for non-commercial use. And documentation for the cloud is here: https://onion.io/docs.

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