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Initial setup turns Omega2P into Omega2

  • I just received new Omega 2+ in the mail today. The box shows Omega 2+ and the metal can/EMI shield also has the engraving Omega 2+. When I went thru the initial web-based setup, its final stage upgraded the firmware to v0.1.7.
    When I use the web to log into the new Omega2+, it showed Memory size of 64MB DRAM and 16 MB flash and in firmware upgrade menu, it showed model as Omega 2, I know something is wrong when during the initial setup, the board is "calling home".
    I used the serial console to verify the initial UBOOT message indeed showed memory size is 128KB, which showed the board is indeed is a 2+.

    I have to resort to using the manual firmware upgrade process thru serial console:
    except that in "sysgrade firmware_file_name", I have to add the -F flag to bypass firmware check and force the upgrade. I.e., sysupgrade -F filename here"
    cd /tmp
    wget http://repo.onion.io/omega2/images/omega2p-v0.1.8-b147.bin
    sysupgrade -F omega2p-v0.1.8-b147.bin

    It's a scary moment, I am glad I got my board back as the Omega 2+.
    I hope admin watching this will fix it on the Onion repo end.

    Of course, Omega 2 cannot use this method to upgrade itself into a 2+.
    And the -F flag is dangerous thus YMMV.


  • Sorry a typo 128KB should have been 128MB.
    Flash should be 32MB.

  • you sir are a genius!
    i was having problems with my omega 2+ with latest firmware 0.1.10-b160
    and the led using omega2 instead of omega2p folder
    turns out it had flashed the omega2- firmware instead of omega2p- firmware!
    life saver!
    i had to re-flash it tho using the USB method...

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