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node red can i use sd instead usb for extra ram/storage?

  • Hi

    about to go through the tutorial to increase ram and storage on USB flash drive so i can run node red on omega 2+
    i would like to keep the usb drive free, can i use an sd card instead
    if so is there any advantages/disavantages, is there a certain spec sd card i need to use
    there is an obvious advantage as i also brought a usb blue tooth dongle, which maybe my fault but i wanted a device to run node red so i brought this omega device to do that and i also wanted blue tooth, i didn't know at time of purchase that i need to create ram/storage on usb which i may of not purchased
    plus keeps the unit quite tidy if i was to use sd
    also if yes do i follow the same tutorial i assume so

    appreciate your help

    asking before i try as i came to soo may issues updating the omega and getting it connected to wifi, i would hate to hit an issue and come to the wrong conclusion that i can't use sd card

    thanksbolded text

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