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Is there any chance the Omega would run Shairport?

  • I have been working with the Raspberry Pi on creating shairport speakers for our church. I was just wondering if there was any possibility of shairport being run on the omega? Here is a web page that has some details about shairport and installing it on the Raspberry Pi. I just don't know all the capabilities of the omega as yet.


    Thanks for any help or ideas on other ways of doing this.


  • Hi @Daniel-Wright, there probably is a way to run shairport on the Omega. However, we still haven't had a chance to design an audio expansion for the Omega yet. We are planning to do that in the new year. Once the Omega supports audio, i think making it into a airplay station shouldn't be an issue.

  • Im currently looking into audio support, with the server software I use, there is a shairport plugin. So Apple devices would share to the server software which in turn passes it onto the client (wifi speaker) devices.

    If I get the squeezeslave software to work, if you have a similar server software setup (if you have multiple speakers Id assume so) then there shouldnt be a problem.

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