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ssh from LAN not working?

  • Omega just arrived! Hooray!
    I've configured the Wifi to my local network.
    I can access the web setup on the local IP address, so access to port 80
    is working.
    I can ssh out of the Omega to other machines.
    What I can't do is ssh into the Omega from the local network.
    I can ssh from the Omega to itself on its local IP address.
    Also, ssh to random ports (ie: 66666) gives me connection refused, whereas just ssh (port 22), hangs silently.
    So, it appears that out of the box the firewall is not configured to accept incoming ssh.
    Is this correct, how do I fix it, and if not, what is wrong?


  • Hi @Michael-Karliner, the Omega should be configured to support incoming SSH request. Just to make sure that I understand you correctly, are you trying to access the Omega when both the Omega and your computer are connected to your router, and you are trying to SSH into the Omega's IP that's assigned by your router?

  • That's correct. However, I have an update.
    This is not just an SSH problem.

    I tried a
    --2015-11-25 20:26:27--
    Connecting to connected.
    HTTP request sent, awaiting response...

    and it hangs.
    The same with google or other addresses.
    The same with an oupgrade.

    However, I then connected the Omega to my phone hotspot and
    oupgrade succeeded.

    So, there is an incompatibility between the Omega and my router. But...
    My router is
    DD-WRT logo
    DD-WRT v24-sp2 (11/21/10) std
    (SVN revision 15778)

    And I've connected ESP8266's, Particle's, Raspberry Pi's , etc, etc with it.
    So this is a very well tested router. My guess would be that something like
    ARP is getting screwed up, but I'm reaching the end of my expertise.
    Any suggestions for diagnostics I can do? If I'm hitting this, so will others...


  • Hi @Michael-Karliner, would you be able to tell us which country you are from? In some countries routers are not allowed to use channel 13 (due to some legal restrictions). The Omega might be trying to connect to channel 13.


    It appears that the wifi chip you use does not support TKIP encryption.
    I switched the router to use AES and everything started working.

    You might want to document that.


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