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The OLED app on the Onion cloud should match the resolution of the actual module

  • The official OLED expansion is 128x96 characters but the OLED app that you can use to simulate/control it, has something like 135 characters (I don't remember exactly). This is misleading and causes a lot of unnecessary edits. The app should be fixed to adhere to the 128x96 resolution so it acts as a WYSIWYG tool.

  • I noticed it is 2 characters off. I wonder if the old OLED for the Omega 1 is a different resolution.
    I did the follwoing in the Cloud OLED app:

    But it showed up on the OLED module as:

    Personally, right now I am just glad I can see my devices in the cloud to access them. Now it is time to start getting everything else ready.

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