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wifi range extender with same subnet

  • Hi,

    I followed https://wiki.onion.io/Tutorials/Using-Omega-As-Wifi-Range-Extender to configure the omega as a wifi range extender.

    But: apparently it works only if I configure the omega subnet to be different from the wifi network the omega connects to:

    • omega wifi connects to 192.168.178.x which is my main network with access to the internet
    • omega ap configured with

    Any device which connects to the omega access point then gets an IP from the omega's ap subnet (192.168.181.x) by the omega's dhcp. Disadvantage: devices which connect to the omega's subnet can't reach the main subnet and vice versa.

    My question: is it possible to give the omega access point an ip (and subnet) within the network it connects to? The dhcp server of the main network (192.168.178.x) should then serve the IP's for all devices and there would be no need for the omega to serve IP's by dhcp at all.

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