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Image of the Omega 2+

  • Anyone have any ideas on how to make an image of the current state of the Omega2+ that can be saved and reloaded in case of problem. Like a "Ghost" image or backup or something like that?

    Once I get both of mine set up and running (one down, one to go) I want to make it so it doesnt take as long in case I blow something up in my "playing."

  • @Brad-Buskey some similar systems offer an ability to download a backup file through a web gui as part of the sysupgrade functionality but I don't know if this is one of them.

    Speaking generally rather than about the omega 2 in particular:

    If you already have the read-only system image corresponding to your current state (for example from the download server) then all you would really need to backup would be the mtd patitions containing the "firmware" identity data (possibly), and the one containing the jffs overlay that captures any changes you make on top of the read-only core.

    Approximately speaking, if you boot in failsafe mode you could dd the partitions (probably /dev/mtdblock2 and /dev/mtdblock4 but I don't have a running system here to check) to /tmp and then download them with something like scp. It may also be possible to directly scp the /dev/mtdblock psuedo-files, or possibly to pipe the dd copying through gzip to make a smaller backup.

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