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Firewall ports for Onion Cloud?

  • Hello all,

    I am still unable to get my Omega 2 to connect to the cloud after the latest update. It gives me the same error as before the update. It looks like it is going to work, and at the last step, it says that it cannot and to try again. Rinse and repeat. I even did a factory reset, wiped the old device from the Onion.io console. But in the Onion.io console it still shows my Omega 2, but says it is offline. So I am wondering if it is not the Omega 2 but my firewall, a pfsense based firewall. And the next step would be to punch some holes for the Omega to get out. But I am needing to know which ports it uses to communicate with the cloud. I have not found any hint of that in the documentation or on Google searches. So if anyone knows and can share, that would be awesome.

    Thank you!

  • Same problem here setting up my new Omega2.

    Did you ever resolve this? I have my device registered, but it continues to show offline even though it has network access and is otherwise fully functional.


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