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Omega 2+ Windows 10 connection instructions

  • Hi, I have unpacked my Omega 2+ but as a Windows user I had trouble connecting to it. Initially I thought it was not booting properly, but have since discovered that I had misunderstood the set up instructions.

    The instructions show a Mac screen with the Onion visible as a connection, which was "Greek" to me.

    In Windows 10 after you have applied power to the Omega you have to click on the wifi network icon in the task bar and connect to the "Omega-hhhh" network displayed there, using the 12345678 key. I made a note of the instructions, as I no longer had Internet access once connected to the Omega.

    After that you can open a browser and navigate to // and complete the set up as described.

    Another reason I didn't think it was booting is because the Orange LED did not flash, it remained solid all the time. Once the setup was complete and the firmware updated, the Omega switched off. When switched on again the LED flashes.

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