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Power your Omega without a dock or an iron

  • 0_1485295614013_Power up the Omega without a dock or an iron.jpg

    I'm terrible with a soldering iron and I'm waiting until the basic docks are a dollar a piece before I buy any.

    Step 1 expose the 5V and Gnd from that old blue USB cable you got with all those Nano, next to no memory, clones.

    Step 2 dig out the "Grove" connector you bought for supporting the WioLink Kickstarter. The 4 pin female plug end fits quite snuggly across GND, 3.3V, USB D+ and USB- pins on the Omega 2/2+. Use all 4 pins even though we only need Gnd and 3.3V as it keeps it more stable on the Omega.

    Step 3 dig out that voltage regulator from the time you wasted on the ESP-01's.

    Step 4 tie it altogether with the PCB terminal block. It's a tight fit but you can get 3 connections in the Gnd terminal. Gnd leg of the voltage reg, Gnd from "Nano" USB cable and Gnd to Omega. Centre pin of the terminal block has 2 connections. Leg of the 3.3V out of voltage reg and 3.3V to Omega. Last terminal just has the 5V from the "Nano" cable.

    Job done. I'll not include a photo of my end product but it's working just great including the addition of the obligatory blu-tack to hold the "Grove" plug onto the Omega.

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