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node red ext ram/storage - config/fstab file look like?

  • hi guys
    im going through the prerequisites to get node red running
    which is to get a swap file created and to run on boot as well as getting extra storage to also run on boot
    i get swap file to start on boot but when i had the extra storage(create overlay) and editing the fstab again it stops autobooting swap file

    i suspect my /etc/config/fstab file configuration is incorrect, i have played with a it a bunch of times

    can someone show me what theres looks like? or look at the below tell me what looks wrong?

    config global
    option anon_swap '0'
    option anon_mount '0'
    option auto_swap '1'
    option auto_mount '1'
    option delay_root '5'
    option check_fs '0'

    config mount
    option target '/overlay'
    option uuid '7affdca6-de72-d201-607e-######'
    option enabled '1'

    config mount
    option target        /dev/mmcblk0p1
    option uuid '7affdca6-de72-d201-607e-#####'
    option fstype        ext4
    option options       rw,sync
    option enabled       1
    option enabled_fsck  0

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