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Can I get Omega's CPU temperature?

  • Hi,
    I apologize for my poor English.

    I am looking for ways to acquire Omega 2 CPU temperature for the next project
    I do not have knowledge of Linux and hardware, so it will be helpful if you explain briefly.
    thank you

  • As far as I know - from reading the datasheets of both AR9331 (Omega1) and MT7688 (Omega2) - there is no temperature sensor in these SoCs that could be read.

    Larger SoCs like those in the RaspberryPi do have temperature sensors, that can usually be read via /sys/class/thermal/...
    (on a RPi, typing cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp gives you the CPU temperature in 1/1000 degree celsius)

  • Thank you!
    I thought that temperature could be acquired just like RPi, but learned that there is also SoC without sensor.
    I will consider using a thermistor.šŸ˜Š

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